Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore

The Rod & Gun Club has affiliated with the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. (AGC). Current MRGC members may now use the AGC range facilities in Marriottsville, MD after receiving a range safety briefing and purchasing a range badge. Current MRGC members are those whose membership to MRGC is paid and who have a current membership card. The MRGC member will schedule a range safety briefing. Once this briefing has been completed the member would then purchase an AGC range badge which authorizes them access to the Marriottsville facility. Note the three steps: current MRGC membership, range safety briefing, purchase of AGC badge at AGC. No one is allowed to use the facility without having a current year range badge. For additional information on the AGC range facility, visit their web site at the link below.

To request your FIRST range badge, send an email to the Range Badge coordinator, Glenn Altschuld, , who will contact you to schedule a time for your safety briefing required before obtaining your badge. Note payments for range badges now are made at AGC, they are no longer paid through the Meade Rod & Gun Club. Renewal badges may be obtained from AGC. Range badges will be sold "as-needed" by the RSO or AGC official. Individuals must show photo identification and current club affiliation proof (membership card), and safety briefing and they must pay for the badge upon receipt.

Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. Web Site: