Ft. Meade Hunting Program

Fort George G. Meade has established an archery only deer-hunting program.  The main reason for establishing this program is to mitigate the over population of the deer on Ft Meade.  The program will serve a secondary purpose by providing hunting opportunities for many members working at Fort Meade using a tiered system, starting with active duty, then retirees, followed by civilians and contractors. Meade Rod and Gun Club (MRGC) is working with the post in setting up this program and hope to have it fully running in time for the 2021 hunting season.

There will likely be many questions, so we will start with the most likely questions. 

Who will oversee the program? 
The garrison staff will provide oversight of the program with the Meade Rod and Gun Club conducting the operational aspect of the program. 

Will the fort Meade hunting program follow the Maryland guidance? 
Yes, however, there are some differences.  Since Fort Meade is federal property, the garrison will have some exceptions such as Sunday hunting, it will be archery only, the program will require a hunter-in-charge as well as a successful completion a state approved archery qualification course.  Safety is paramount to the success of this program and many mechanism have been put in place.

Hunting will align with the Maryland start date and a hunter-in-charge will need to be on duty to oversee the daily hunt on Fort Meade. 

Where can I find out more about the program and how to get involved? 
Contract MRGC through Hunting@MeadeRodandGun.org, we will try to respond with the most up-to-date information we have at the time.

All participants are required to be familiar with the Ft Meade Army Reg once it’s published and the SOP.   Once published we will provide links to them below. 

Please return to this Web site for specific details-dates, time, events, orientation etc. 

In order to participate, each hunter will be required to meet the hunting requirements for the state of Maryland as well as additional requirements