Junior Shooting Program

An introduction to the Meade Rod and Gun Club's Junior Shooting Program.
The program is setup to educate and promote safety for all aspects of hunting, shooting sports, and to generating enthusiasm for our Junior Members 12 through 18.
The program offers the following events.

  • NRA First Step Rifle Orientation 
  • NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course
  • Gun Safety Seminars
  • NRA Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Training
  • Range Day Shoots
  • Junior Feast

The program is open to both members and non-members.
Juniors who are current members of MRGC through their Parents, Guardians, or Grandparent’s family membership can join the Junior Shooting Program if they are at least twelve (12) years of age; but are not older than eighteen (18) years of age.

Junior Members are a special type of Club Membership in support of The Club’s Junior Shooting Program. Anyone who is at least twelve (12) years of age; but is not older than eighteen (18) years of age can become a Junior Member within the Club. The Junior’s Parents, Guardians, or Grandparents do not need to be a member of MRGC for a Junior to join under the Junior Membership.
A Junior who has not reached his or her twelfth (12) birthday, may petition The Club Executive Board for approval to join the Junior Shooting Program with their Parents, Guardians, or Grandparents signed written consent. 
For details of the Program click here.

Parents, Guardians, or Grandparents who are interested may fill out the online inquiry. One of the staff will reach out to you to help get your Junior Shooter signed up.