2022 MRGC Spring Youth Fishing Rodeo Winners & Fish Species Report

The Meade Rod & Gun Club and Meade Outdoor Recreation hosted a Spring Fishing Rodeo on Saturday, April 9, 2022 from 0800 - 1200. Registrants participated in three different age categories. Following are the results.

3-6 year olds:

1st Place Kiley Meineke 285 grams Largemouth Bass

2nd Place Lucas Kim 100 grams Bluegill

3rd Place Adeline Carter 70 grams Bluegill

7-11 year olds:

1st Place Christie Meineke 570 grams Black Bullhead

2nd Place Gavin Chiola 315 grams Largemouth Bass

3rd Place Michael Schaefer 275 grams Largemouth Bass

12-15 year olds:

1st Place Henry Waldruff 90 grams Bluegill

2nd Place N/A

3rd Place N/A

Top Prize for largest fish:

Christie Meineke 570 grams (1.25 pounds) Black Bullhead

Prize for smallest fish (3-6 year olds only):

Adeline Carter 70 grams Bluegill

Following fish species by number caught were checked in at the weigh station:

Largemouth Bass: 3

Bluegill Sunfish: 11

Black Crappie: 2

Black Bullhead: 1

Total fish checked in: 17


1) 10 different individual participants of 69 registered checked in at least one fish. Cold weather was almost certainly a factor in the success rate.

2) Approximately 400 Rainbow/Golden Rainbow trout were stocked for this event. No trout were checked in or reported.

3) One Black Bullhead was checked in, however, we received reports that two other catfish were caught but not landed.

4) For reference, one pound equals 453 grams.

5) Fish species identification was accomplished via use of the Peterson Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes and the National Audubon Society Field Guide To Fishes. Identification of the catfish as a Black Bullhead is consensus based on pictures in our guides and may be suspect because this fish closely resembles several other species, especially the brown bullhead.

Video of Winners