Volunteer Recognition Program

The program was passed in Mar 2017. It is one way we try to give back to those that step up to help the Club.

Young Fishing Rodeo

Volunteers will receive either a Club hat or a 20% discount on membership renewal for working the Fishing Rodeos, which option given will be the volunteer’s choice.

Discounts on Membership Renewals

For each event a member volunteers for and actually works, the member will receive a 20% discount on renewal of membership fees. This discount will be accumulative up to a maximum of five events, which will result in a free membership renewal.

Treasurer will coordinate with the various event Chairs and Executive Board to keep track of the number of events a member volunteer for and actually works.


If a member volunteers for four events, they may choose to receive a Club hat or shirt instead of receiving the membership renewal discount. Choosing to do so will reset the member’s event count to zero. Only one hat or one shirt can be gained in this manner per calendar year per member.