Ft. Meade Ranges

Ft. Meade Ranges


Range Safety Officer (RSO)

  • Requires Firearm Instructor Certification
  • RSO briefing is held every 2nd Tuesday of every month. All range users are required to have an RSO when using the facility, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Range Descriptions

Range Description Ammo
1 Rifle range and that has shooting locations at 100, 200, 300, 500, and 600 yards. There are 20 working target frames measuring 5x5 feet. The club supplies our own frames, targets and lane markers. No magnum ammo or .50 cal rifles allowed except for .50 cal muzzle loaders.Lead Allowed
2-8 Pistol ranges that go out to 50 yards. Rifles are allowed but no magnum ammo or .50 cal rifles except for .50 cal muzzle loaders. 2-4: Non-lead (Frangible) only
5: Lead allowed.
6-7: Non-lead (Frangible) only
8: Lead allowed.
9 Rifle range that has shooting locations at 100, 200, and 300 yards. There is one target frame measuring 5x5 feet. The frame is already there but members can bring their own targets if they wish or the club can supply. No magnum ammo or .50 cal rifles allowed except for .50 cal muzzle loaders.Lead Allowed

You cannot access the range from the Post.

From Rt. 100, Rt. 32, or Rt. 175, take Rt. 170 (Telegraph Rd.) South. Go past the intersection of Rt. 175 and Rt. 170 (Telegraph Rd.), after you cross the rr tracks, it will change into Piney Orchard Parkway.

Go approximately 3 miles (passing through a circle) and turn right on Riverscape Road (if you passed the Ice Skating Rink on the left, you have gone too far).

Take the first left onto Range Road. Continue under the rail bridge and stop at the gate.

Note that there may be several vehicles waiting in front of the gate until it opens at the designated gate time (see the range schedule). We recommend that you be there at 15 minutes ahead of time as the gate will open and will close after all vehicles have passed.

If you anticipate being late, call the RSO for the day. We will attempt to come back for you but no guarantee.

There will be other clubs shooting at other ranges, so after you enter the gate proceed past the pistol ranges on your left, about a ¼ mile down. You will curve to the right and when you dead end at the street, turn left. Proceed to the end to the range control building. Turn left and park in the parking lot and wait for the Meade Rod & Gun Club range officer.

From the gate, Range Control is about ½ mile down range road. For an approximate map search, search for the intersection of Riverscape and Range Road, Odenton, MD, 21113. Bear in mind that it might only take you to Piney Orchard Parkway and Waugh Chappell Road, so continue on the parkway to Riverscape Road. There is not a GPS direction to a gate.

Ft. Meade Range Gate