OWHMD is not connected to MRGC. But we do support their mission. OWHMD is an all-volunteer organization which was started by a Navy Capt, Kathy Thorpe and an Army Lt. Col in 2007.  All the water and snacks handed out to the troops are received as donations from people and organizations. Volunteers, under the guidance of OWHMD team leaders, make up the required bags for the arriving flight. The flights arrive at the International Arrivals area Pier # lower level.

Directions on the phone tell volunteers when they are should arrive. This is usually about an hour before the flight lands so that bags can be made up to hand out to the troops etc.  The bags consist of a bottle of water, a bag of chips, a pack of crackers and some candy.  Most arrivals are heading to catch another flight, but on occasion there will be a bus(s) to take a large group of troops to their destination.

Volunteers should come to the International Departures at BWI which is Pier E at the time stated on the OWHMD Hotline (See below).  Parking is available on all Decks on that side of the parking garage but the best is levels 5 or 6.  Once parked, bring the parking pass to the arrivals area by crossing the covered walkway on level 5 to the upper level of Pier E. Then proceed to the lower level of Pier E, Arrivals area, where a person will take it and have it validated and then it will be returned to you.

The web site is OWHMD.org.

The hotline phone# is 410-630-1555